Will they ever beat Facebook?

     Studying in IT, I know what is social networking exactly, and how it works. According to me social engineering is nothing but simple act of asking user about his info and interest. Most of us surely gonna think about Facebook or Twitter when I mention term ‘social network’. This is because the impact they(FB and Twitter) created on over day-to-day life. But the question is ” Any other social networking site will ever catch them up?”

    I searched new social networking sites and found two best creations that I just can’t ignore.



Lets talk about first one..

      Wlinkster.com is another social networking site created by Sagar Rana, an Indian student. With efforts of some months of coding he launched website on 17 march 2013, and till date it has 6 million hits(wow!!! totally appreciable). There is nothing more that I can explain here, you better visit this site once!!!


The second one is Buckysroom.com …

     It is legendary, because it is created by Bucky Roberts . If you don’t  know, he is that guy who owns some YouTube channels and from using them he is serving us since long time. Bucky’s tutorials are most of on programming languages, Photoshop, after affects and many more interesting subjects . He specially created this site to make worlds most popular open source social network.


      According to Bucky, Buckysroom is now the worlds most popular open source social network. It is a place where people can discuss with others on similar interest and ask for help or they can provide information, just like we do it in forum. yes! it also has a forum section, in which user can do these discussions. To avoid spam and bad language there is moderator systems. Here, moderators are trusted users  voted by other users.  You have to visit this extraordinary site once if you are a programmer.

But does those sites have capacity to takeover Facebook’s market?

     Answer may be NO, but it just can’t matter. May those little sites are not providing features like FB, but they are making impact on everyone’s  lives in there own way, this is also appreciable.

Let’s talk about Facebook here, it is masterly programmed piece of  blue cake that everyone wants to have a one (may be some may want two). But if you think, legacy in features is the only reason why Facebook is enjoying this huge success, then you are probably getting it wrong. The Google+ (social networking site by Google) which contains all features that Facebook has, may be even more than that, failed to make mainstream position.

So here I make my final thesis :

If  social engineering is an act of asking user about his info and interest and making him believe that his information is secure in their hand, then Mark Zuckerberg has mastered this act.


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